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Voitures Europcar

Corporate profile

With over 60 years’ experience and around six million drivers in 2014, Europcar is a world player and Europe’s leading vehicle rental firm. With a presence in more than 140 countries worldwide, the group’s network provides short- and medium-term vehicle rental solutions for its customers. With an average fleet of 200,000 vehicles, the group applies its extensive knowledge of the vehicle rental sector to provide its business and leisure customers with a wide range of mobility solutions.

Our brands

Europcar focuses its strategy on two brands, Europcar® and InterRent®, targeting diverse customer segments:

ECEuropcar® the Company’s main brand, is used worldwide to serve a large number of market segments including both high-end and low-cost segments, as well as a diverse customer portfolio ranging from key accounts including business customers to private individuals representing “leisure” customers.


InterRent Logo


InterRent®  set up as the Company’s low-cost operator, InterRent targets “leisure” drivers. The brand, whose slogan is “Drive. Save. Enjoy.”, reflects the conflicting challenge, to offer low prices while also providing world class service quality as befits a market leader like Europcar. InterRent was launched late 2011 in Portugal and Spain to target the low cost segment and was an immediate success. Since 2013, the brand has been successfully rolled out in 19 countries on three continents. At 31 December 2014, InterRent had 76 car hire branches, primarily in airports and train stations, and a fleet of around 4,730 vehicles.


 our offers

Always attentive to its customers and their evolving needs, Europcar develops and gradually rolls out innovative new products and services.

 Customised offers

EUROPCAR-FIT-RENTFitRent: medium-term hire package without fixed period commitment (apart from minimum 30 days) for SMEs.




EUROPCAR-Auto-Lib-Color_Bkgd-CMYNAutoLiberté: recently updated subscription-based car rental package now targeting customers in French towns and cities. This package is offered at a fixed rental price on a monthly basis and has two subscription options. With AutoLiberté, the Company strives to retain customers while exploiting growing demand for mobility solutions that do not involve owning private cars.


 Time-saving services 

EUROPCAR_ToMyDoorToMyDoor: a service targeting Business and Leisure customers that comes with an option to have the hire vehicle delivered and/or return the vehicle anywhere the customer wishes, thus avoiding travel to the car hire branch.



ToMycar: is a service that enables customers to directly hire cars with their smartphones being used as a virtual key, thereby avoiding the need to travel to the branch. This package is aimed at the Business and Leisure segments and is currently being tested in the UK and France in anticipation of introducing it elsewhere.


ImpressionReady Service: a service allowing customers to fill out their profile online (including their driving licence number). As such, branches can prepare the car rental contract before the customer arrives thereby cutting waiting time in the branch. “E-ready” customers have their own counter in branches.

High-end services

Selection: package offers top-of-the-range cars with a specific fleet of the latest models and high-end luxury, sports, SUV and convertibles brands together with world class and rapid services including home delivery.


Chauffeur Service: a service targeting both Business and Leisure segments including a driver and other services on top of the car hire.



Targeted customer packages

Keddy By EuropcarKeddy par Europcar® : this package, launched in March 2015, is specifically aimed at tour operators, travel agents and online intermediaries marketing it to cost-conscious Leisure customers who seek a better service than that typically provided by low-cost rivals.


Innovative mobility solutions

Ubeeqo: In November 2014, the Group acquired a controlling interest in Ubeeqo. This acquisition forms part of Europcar’s strategy to expand its mobility solutions in response to customer demand by providing simple turnkey solutions while supporting Ubeeqo’s growth as a leading European player in new mobility technologies

 Ubeeqo offers innovative and complementary mobility solutions to companies, including:



« Bettercar Sharing »: a car-sharing service that promotes pooling private cars within and between companies;


« Bettercar Connected »: a fleet management application based on on-board telematics to analyse fleet vehicles’ use and costs designed to cut costs for business; and


« Mobilities Benefits »: a multi-modular alternative to company cars that gives employees access to a shared car fleet and a travel allowance to pay for private travel (e.g. train, taxi or car hire), via                                                    a single application.


 The Europcar Lab

Given that Europcar is determined to expand its innovative services offerings while satisfying changing market demand for mobility and expectations of customers, business partners and high-tech mobility consultants, the Company has decided to set up a “Lab”.


The Lab is designed to nurture ideas for research into the Company’s new mobility packages and services. It will support in-house projects and will take minority or majority stakes in innovative businesses.

The Lab is a Group legal entity division (“Europcar Lab”). It is managed by Fabrizio Ruggiero, Europcar Italy General Manager and member of the Management Board.



Car2go Europe : Through Car2go Europe, a joint venture with Daimler in which the group holds a 25% stake, the group has made inroads into the car-sharing market.


the EUROPCAR network


The Europcar network is made up of rental agencies operated directly by the company and rental agencies operated by agents and franchisees. To extend and expand its worldwide presence, Europcar also relies on partnerships and general sales representation agreements. The rental agencies operated directly by Europcar are located in countries where the company has a long-term presence and extensive experience, i.e. Germany, Australia, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Franchises add to the network worldwide, increasing the brand’s visibility and offering the widest possible choice of destinations. 





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